How Has the Beauty Industry Changed in NZ


The beauty industry in New Zealand is constantly changing along the lines of the beauty industry internationally. Consumer awareness, access to information, online shopping and ability to share advice has led to changes in how we shop and source our products and information. 

Demand for cruelty free

There continues to be an increase in demand for beauty products that are not tested on animals. Consumers are much more aware of where our products are sourced. Internet access allows us to research which companies can be trusted. People need to be aware that some companies still test on animals to be able to sell their products in some countries despite generally having earned a cruelty free label. 

Natural and organic

So many people are becoming aware of the impact of adding chemicals to our largest organ, our skin. These chemicals get in to our bodies through our skin and have a negative impact on our health. You can reduce and eliminate the toxic load on your body by reading the labels on the products you have, removing those of concern and replacing with safer alternatives. Preservatives and colours are the chemicals of most concern. Also, the use of aluminium in deodorants and talcum powders is of concern to many and there are safer alternatives.

Cosmetic enhancement industry

Procedures are generally safe, becoming more readily available as technology improves and costs are lowered. Cosmetic surgery is an option for many people who have image issues and the finances to change themselves. If only there was more emphasis on accepting and loving ourselves the way we are. You can change your breast size, the shape of your nose, reduce how much your ears stick out or even reduce fat and then excess skin from weight loss by going under the surgeons knife.

Environmentally friendly?

More people are aware now of the issues surrounding the accumulation of ‘microbeads‘ in the environment and the impact these have on the lives of wildlife. Many manufacturers are listening to consumer concerns and have removed the exfoliating beads from their products. Shame about the billions of litres already produced as those beads take thousands of years to break down and will continue to effect wildlife and be present in the environment for generations to come.

Better regulations?

There have been calls from consumers for better regulations of beauty product providers as complaints around unhygienic practices and shops were sent to local councils. Indeed Auckland council brought in a local Health and Hygiene by-law in July 2013 to take tighter control over issues of cockroaches and increasing concerns following scabies and hepatitis infection scares. The Health and Hygiene By-law has new rules for tattoo parlours, nail salons, hair removal, body piercing and sunbed operators that impose a code of practice, mandatory licences and fines up to $20,000.

Increase in Internet use and access

An increase in online shopping allows consumers to access many of their beauty products without having to venture out into the high street. YouTube is a fabulous source of online tutorials and product reviews. Many companies have a website presence to help raise their customer profile and find new customers. Having an online booking system, shopping cart and customer feedback sections all add to the customer positive experience.

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