How the Sun’s Rays Age Skin


Most people know the sun causes premature skin aging, but many are unaware of the mechanisms behind the damage. Part of staying healthy involves learning about the risks of sun exposure as well as behaviors that may increase risks. The sections below explain how severely the sun can damage a patient’s skin and provide information on pigmentation treatments and other methods of minimising the signs of aging.

Premature Aging and Sunlight

Continual sun exposure can damage skin in a variety of ways, but one of the biggest is the breakdown of the skin’s natural collagen reserves. Collagen helps skin maintain its resilience and appearance but, over time, exposure to the sun can break down existing collagen and prevent new stores from developing. Most people produce less collagen as they age and, when these two factors are combined, it is easy to see why the sun can make a patient look older. The sun can strip the skin of natural oils, which can cause the formation of wrinkles, lines, age spots, and actinic keratoses that may require pigmentation removal.

The Severity of Damage

While UV rays have been proven to damage skin, many patients are unsure of the extent of the damage. A recent study done by French researchers revealed that ultraviolet rays can cause up to 80% of visible skin aging signs. Additionally, the study found that those with severe sun exposure tend to look a few years older than their chronological age, while those with limited sun exposure look younger.

What Patients Can Do

Patients can take certain steps to minimise the risk of UV exposure. Those who do not wear sunscreen regularly should begin to do so, and they should apply it plentifully and regularly. When in the sun, patients should wear clothing that covers the legs and arms and, if possible, wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover the eyes and face.

While the tips above can prevent future sun damage, patients can ask their dermatologist how to reverse sun-related aging with pigmentation removal and photorejuvenation treatments so they don’t look older than their years. Patients should receive a yearly dermatological exam so they can be examined for early, treatable skin cancer signs. Postponement of regular screenings can have severe consequences and, if it’s been a while since the last screening, you can schedule an appointment for skin treatments in Auckland with Avana Cosmetics at as soon as possible.

A Brief Guide to Permanent Hair Removal Options in Auckland

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At-home hair removal methods are important, but they often provide short-term effects. Life is too short to spend time on tedious tasks such as hair removal, but the best treatment depends on your budget and time, as well as the colour of your skin and hair. With the tips given here, readers can learn about today’s permanent hair removal options.


IPL, or intense pulsed light, provides a permanent reduction in hair growth. Results are long-lasting, and many consider IPL to be the best remedy for lighter skin and dark hair.


This is a great option if you aren’t a good IPL candidate. If you have blond or grey hair or dark skin, IPL may not be right for you—but electrolysis can provide the results you expect.

All of these Permanent hair removal options in Auckland are available, and a consultant will help you determine the right option based on your skin, hair and budget.

Permanent Hair Removal: Is There Such a Thing?

Despite claims by various providers, there is no such thing as truly permanent hair removal. It is impossible to achieve and, to understand this fact, it’s a good idea to learn about the hair follicle’s life cycle.

Anagen (the growth phase). Here, hairs are actively growing, and the length of the phase depends on your genetics, hair colour, and follicle. For hair on the head, the growth phase lasts up to seven years but, for eyebrows, it only lasts about seven months. About 30% of your hair follicles are in anagen at any time, and treatment areas must be in this phase for IPL to be effective.

Catagen (the transitional phase). This is the short time between the growth and resting phases. Here, hairs are cut off from their blood supply and cells that create new hair, and they no longer grow.

Telogen (the resting phase). The hair doesn’t grow and follicles are dormant. The length of telogen depends on the hair type. For scalp hairs, the resting phase is short at three months while, for eyebrow hairs, it can last about nine months. Roughly 15% of hair follicles are in telogen at any time.

Because IPL is only effective on follicles in the growth phase, you can see why you may need more than one treatment to get rid of all unwanted hair. You may need to wait for follicles to go into anagen, and you never know when a dormant follicle will come back to life.

Women and Hormonal Hair

As you get older, your estrogen levels will decline as your testosterone levels increase. The unsightly result is hair growing in places where it’s never grown before or existing hairs coming in darker and faster. Hormonal hairs aren’t like normal hair—they have an irregular follicular life cycle. For such reasons, IPL may not last as long as you’d like. Here, electrolysis may be the right option, although it can be costly when used for large areas.

An Overview of IPL

IPL removes unwanted hair and is considered the ultimate solution for hair removal. It is long lasting, effective if you are a good candidate, and regrowth is fine and soft. You can get IPL on any part of your body and most parts of your face. It is minimally painful, and treatments are quick. However, it can be expensive, and it does not work on darker skin tones or for grey or blonde hair.

When you choose IPL Laser treatment in Auckland, you should look for a provider who only uses trained staff to operate the equipment. You should go to a place that offers a free initial consultation so you come away with realistic expectations. It’s also a good idea to fill out a medical survey to stay safe and healthy during the IPL process.

The Basics of Electrolysis

For hair removal by electrolysis, electrical current is sent through a needle to destroy the hair follicle at its root, and all follicles are treated individually. Electrolysis works for every hair and skin type, and it works in places where IPL isn’t the right solution. It can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you want to treat large areas. You’ll need multiple treatments, and you may have problems with misshapen or bent hair follicles afterwards.

Men’s Hair Removal

Many men these days are opting for permanent body hair removal in Auckland. All the treatments listed here are appropriate for men, but most males have too much hair for electrolysis to be a viable option. Choose a hair removal expert who treats men for removal of chest, back, eyebrow, and other body hair.

Treating Ingrown Hairs

The only drawback to laser treatment for hair removal in Auckland is the chance of ingrown hairs, and these annoying bumps can appear anywhere on women and men. Select a provider who sells a variety of treatments for ingrown hairs, as these all work great. ProWax and TendSkin are the best choices, and they even work on sensitive skin. Just ask a team member for recommendations and help choosing the right product.

Why Choose a Hair Removal Specialist?

Hair removal has always been a top priority at Avana, and the staff is held to the highest standards. We only use the best techniques and equipment, and we pride ourselves on providing an experience that’s effective, efficient, and comfortable. If you aren’t sure which permanent hair removal in Auckland are best for you, please call Avana or visit us at The team will be glad to discuss your needs and offer personalised advice that meets your budget and other requirements. By choosing a hair removal expert, you can enjoy the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted.

How Has the Beauty Industry Changed in NZ


The beauty industry in New Zealand is constantly changing along the lines of the beauty industry internationally. Consumer awareness, access to information, online shopping and ability to share advice has led to changes in how we shop and source our products and information. 

Demand for cruelty free

There continues to be an increase in demand for beauty products that are not tested on animals. Consumers are much more aware of where our products are sourced. Internet access allows us to research which companies can be trusted. People need to be aware that some companies still test on animals to be able to sell their products in some countries despite generally having earned a cruelty free label. 

Natural and organic

So many people are becoming aware of the impact of adding chemicals to our largest organ, our skin. These chemicals get in to our bodies through our skin and have a negative impact on our health. You can reduce and eliminate the toxic load on your body by reading the labels on the products you have, removing those of concern and replacing with safer alternatives. Preservatives and colours are the chemicals of most concern. Also, the use of aluminium in deodorants and talcum powders is of concern to many and there are safer alternatives.

Cosmetic enhancement industry

Procedures are generally safe, becoming more readily available as technology improves and costs are lowered. Cosmetic surgery is an option for many people who have image issues and the finances to change themselves. If only there was more emphasis on accepting and loving ourselves the way we are. You can change your breast size, the shape of your nose, reduce how much your ears stick out or even reduce fat and then excess skin from weight loss by going under the surgeons knife.

Environmentally friendly?

More people are aware now of the issues surrounding the accumulation of ‘microbeads‘ in the environment and the impact these have on the lives of wildlife. Many manufacturers are listening to consumer concerns and have removed the exfoliating beads from their products. Shame about the billions of litres already produced as those beads take thousands of years to break down and will continue to effect wildlife and be present in the environment for generations to come.

Better regulations?

There have been calls from consumers for better regulations of beauty product providers as complaints around unhygienic practices and shops were sent to local councils. Indeed Auckland council brought in a local Health and Hygiene by-law in July 2013 to take tighter control over issues of cockroaches and increasing concerns following scabies and hepatitis infection scares. The Health and Hygiene By-law has new rules for tattoo parlours, nail salons, hair removal, body piercing and sunbed operators that impose a code of practice, mandatory licences and fines up to $20,000.

Increase in Internet use and access

An increase in online shopping allows consumers to access many of their beauty products without having to venture out into the high street. YouTube is a fabulous source of online tutorials and product reviews. Many companies have a website presence to help raise their customer profile and find new customers. Having an online booking system, shopping cart and customer feedback sections all add to the customer positive experience.

Avana Cosmetics offer a safe and hygienic service for laser tattoo removal in Wellington. Visit our website at for details of vein removal in Wellington. Laser hair removal in Wellingtonis also a safe and hygienic option with the qualified and experienced consultants at Avana Cosmetics.

How To Choose A Horoscope Tattoo You Won’t Regret

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Making the decision to get a tattoo design is not one you should take lightly. Too many people rush in to a design and end up regretting their choice. Research is important! Ask yourself why you want a tattoo, what design would be meaningful to you.

Horoscope tattoo designs can be quite personal as they let everyone know who sees it what sign of the zodiac you are. There are 12 signs of the zodiac on which many assumptions about personality traits and more are based…which one are you?

To help you work out which horoscope you are here are the dates:

Capricorn – December 23rd to January 20th
Aquarius – January 21st to February 19th
Pisces – February 20th to March 20th
Aries – March 21st to April 20th
Taurus – April 21st to May 21st
Gemini – May 22nd to June 21st
Cancer – June 22nd to July 22nd
Leo – July 23rd to August 22nd
Virgo – August 23rd to September 23rd
Libra – September 24th to October 23rd
Scorpio – October 24th to November 22nd
Sagittarius – November 23rd to December 22nd

Nearly every culture around the world has their own version of a zodiac based on astrology. The most commonly referred to is the Roman/Greek zodiac. There are 12 zodiac or horoscopes assigned to different dates within the year so your personal horoscope is decided by the day you were born, you don’t get to choose the design you prefer! The word zodiac comes from the latin word zodiacus, meaning “circle of animals” so zodiac designs often have an animal associated with them in their imagery.

Horoscope tattoos are just one trend and with so many designs to choose from how do you start? When choosing to have a permanent image applied to your skin you will want to choose your artist wisely. Relying on recommendations from friends is a good idea if they have artwork you admire and like the quality and style. Artists vary greatly in their skills and experience.

You can find examples of artwork from local New Zealand artists on the Internet and connect via Facebook or Instagram for example. Just popping in to a tattoo parlour on holiday on a whim, maybe after a few cocktails or beers is probably not your best choice and one you may ultimately end up regretting! Choosing some generic design off the books may seem like a good idea but it may not end up being a design you will want to keep forever.

Each sign of the zodiac has a simple symbol assigned to it and these symbols can make for a very effective and bold tattoo design especially when located on your signs body part (although Libra and Virgo may find this difficult for the intestines and kidneys!). Adding your element (earth, wind, water or fire) and animal or flower can make for a very effective design and allow personality and creativity. You can even get glow in the dark tattoos now which are a trend among nightclub attendees. Also remember that there are the Chinese and Native American zodiac designs to research as well.

Tattoo removal can be costly and will result in a certain degree of remaining visibility even with improvements in techniques. Tattoo removal can help especially when you need to remove the name of a now ex-partner! Depending on the size, colour and style of tattoo you have will determine the number of treatments required to remove and therefore the cost. More colourful tattoos can cost more to remove than shallow, simple black tattoos. An alternative would be a cover up or redesign by a more experienced artist and you could always have a new tattoo design to cover any resulting scarring from a removal process.

If you find you need to ‘re-think your ink’ Avana Cosmetics are specialists in laser tattoo removal in Wellington. Visit for more information about our costs, treatment times and case study images. In addition we can assist with vein removal in Wellington and laser hair removal which are popular and safe treatments using the latest techniques.